About Us
We founded Egnify to create products that improve the lives of as many people as possible. We want to create products that rethink industry industry standards, challenge the status quo and make people's easier.
We started with education and teaching (specifically) as a problem to be solved. We dreamt up a better way of teaching that is easy, fast, and result-oriented**. With Egnify we provide dynamic, data-informed experiences to the education community so that learners and educators can achieve their goals.**
Designed with an intuitive, personalized interface, Egnify engages learners and eases the burden on instructors. With time-saving tools and a streamlined design, it's never been easier to teach and learn.

Trusted by leading Educational Institutions

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What we have achieved so far
3 Lakh+Students
3 Million+Tests Attempted
20 Million+Questions Solved

We've got featured in

Govt Ties Up with Getranks by Egnify Startup to Analyze School Students Lagging Behind in Education
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